Kamis, Mei 12, 2016

I Lost My Voice / Direct Selling Schedule

Hello Dreamers !
So on the last blog i said i lost my voice . 
And yes up until now my voice is not come back yet.
I can't hit my high range as usual.
My voice is a bit hoarse.
I don't know what i have to do.
I can't practice as much as i want.
And when you can't do something you always love.. it's make me really depressed.

It's started 2 days before Sakura Matsuri ( 30 April - 01 May )
So last night before it's happened , because it's our last Practice i really pull myself too much.
So the day after practice which is the day after practice after (????) i eat my lunch suddenly my throat really weird.
It's hot and itchy in the same time.
So i drink lot of water because i think at that time
so i drink a lot of water at that day.
but sadly my immune system already breakdown.
So i catch a cold and cough unstoppable.
At that time i only can pray and eat medicine , go to doctor..
But it's not helping AT ALL..

Until at the day of my performance which is 01 May 2016
I still Cough , Lucky Cikarang Weather is humid , so i think it's really help me.
BUT my prediction is WRONG
I can't stop coughing at the night.
So i eat a lot of WARM CANDY
so if you see some of video , my tongue have a color since i eat lot of candy to make it's stop.

When i'm on the stage i don't feel anything at all.
And yes , I did so much mistake . 
And i don't want to watch my video at all.
because somehow i think i'm a Perfectionist one.
If i said it's not good enough i will be stressed out.
So i think it's better not to see it.
 ( Even when some people said it's still acceptable )

Everything is going right , until...


I couging endlessly, i can't stop.
I don't know how to stop it until i feel like i want to throw up
My throat is really hurt.
When i go home.. My voice is 0
Not 0 , I still can use it from my stomach but it's not can be heard.
I still have to go to office since i can't OFF too much, because i will have the day OFF for Ennichisai.
Some people is really ignnorant at my office.
Even tough i'm sick they not try to treat me like a sick person.
even i go to floor 3 with stairs.. and i cough again . lol 
So i decided to have a bedrest for one day and going to doctor.
Doctor said my vocal chords was hit by cough.
I means because i cough so much so it's make my vocal chords hurt.
And yep. It's make me lost my voice..

And now , my voice slowly recovery , but you can listen if my voice is not a normal voice that i used to be.
I wish it will come back soon. 
I wish i will be good at Ennichisai.
Tomorrow i will go to Jakarta to Rehearsal. I'm nervous since my voice is shaky when i hit high melody one. haha.
Wish me luck guys !

And now, i learn from this. i will never push myself too hard if i'm sick.
My voice is my investment. I can't keep up my dreams if something happened to my voice.
I barely can't imagine how if i lost my voice for the rest of my life.
I have a dream , and my dream is not an ordinary one.
You have a dream , and everyone have a dream..
and every each of you have a dream .. not an ordinary dream..
so keep up the good work but remember about your health also.
because your health is your biggest investment. 
So i wish everyone who read this will be healthy and do their best to pursue their dreams !

i will update my blog again on tuesday.
Since starting tomorrow i will go to jakarta and i can't update my blog/

And there's something i want to tell you.
So this is my preview for my mini album collaboration with Ito-san
which will be selling at Ennichisai.

Here is my Direct Selling Schedule :

14 May : 13.45 - 14 : 15 and 15.30 - 16 : 00

Please come as fast as you can !
Here the preview ! 

Let's Start today with SMILE
and end it with a BIG SMILE !

Lot of Love ,

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