Rabu, Mei 18, 2016

ENNICHISAI 2016 ~ Miracle , Power of Love~

Hello Dreamers !
I'm back !
It's such a tired some . 
I want to said ! 
Thank you for the hardwork everyone !

So i already in Jakarta since Friday.
Since it's friday there's nothing much to do.
BUT there's something to do. haha .

The first day i arrived i go to meeting with M-stage people.

With beloved Eonni , Taeyeon <3 and Oto-P ( producer of Bunga Sakura Song )

So i will have performance at M-Stage for final and P-stage after WKG.
at friday i only do meeting and rehearsal.
Rehearsal at P stage was taken too much time.
I starting around 10 pm ( maybe ) .. it's supposed to be at 8.50 pm i guess.
But can't do anything since it's about technical stuff.

After i finish rehearsal, I decided to go back to Hotel.
I'm too tired , and i decided to skip Dinner and Breakfast in the early morning.
And i think that's a bad idea since actually i need lot of energy for Direct Selling at Saturday.
I know it's totally HOT outside there. 

At saturday i leave hotel for direct selling.
But before that i need to eat my lunch first :)

I eat at Solaria . I'm Hungry ><
I need some food !
Today style is Mori Hime <3
This Costume made by Hanika
I always ask her to make my costume. I even recommended her to my friends .
Because she is really good and neat at making costume.
I won't recommend anyone if they are bad, right ?

After eat my lunch which is taking too much time because i took lot of time to decide what menu i have to eat. lol
Then i go to ICGP Booth for Direct Selling.

And i only Direct Selling around 2 - 3 pm i guess ? Because i switch with Ito-san .
And today it's raining and humid . ( this what make you sick , be careful )
So around 3.30 pm i decided to go back to hotel and take a shower, when i come back around 5 pm my booth already closed. hahaha
I need to change my clothes since it's smell not so good.
And because i'm a girl i need lot of time to get ready .

Then i go back to hotel again since my manager said i need to prepare for final M-Stage.
i guess m-stage finish more faster than P-stage. 

I singing at Final stage.
After Finish we go to Rehearsal . Yesh for Tomorrow .

Rehearsal at Odesa.
I think this is Jakarta Keion Club Rehearsal Place. 

I finish my Rehearsal around 1 am .
Yesh 1 am.and i decided to not have dinner. 
Since tomorrow i have to checksound for M-stage i skip my breakfast as well.
I need to get ready so i wakeup at 5 am in early morning.
I know maybe for some people is tired some.
And i realize for me as well , but we have to Responsible about what we did ( Sako-san said this )
So we have to do it, and sacrifice somehow.
Because not only you. Everyone is tired as well.
Can you imagine Ennichisai staff too ? They totally tired too.

I change my face <3
Change the hairstyle as well.
Makeup and Hairdo by My beloved best friend Gissela Vianney.
Thank you !
She is the best , my makeup is keep stay even until night :)

First i will have performance at M-Stage together with Ito-san, Sako-san , and Jakarta Keion Club !
It's such an honor !

( Photo by Pitra )

Did you know what is behind our tie ?
Why the color is Different ?
Lemme tell you !
We called ouselves as Seasons.
So the color is stand for every each seasons.
I wear pink, which means is Haru Ranger lol
or we called it as Spring Ranger.
Sako-san wear Blue which means He is Natsu Ranger or Summer Ranger .
Jakarta Keion Member using Yellow one.
Which means they are Aki Ranger which means Fall Ranger.
Ito-san wear White which means Fuyu Ranger which means Winter Ranger.
So that's the reason behind our colorful tie :).

Photo by Pitra

After i finish , i have a time to take a lunch.
Finaly i'm so hungry.
YOSHINOYA i'm coming ! haha.

After i finish, i need to prepare for P-stage !
Here we go !

( Photo by Joe )

Some people maybe realize that i cried at P-stage.
Maybe some people ask why i'm crying at stage.

For me.. To be able to where i stand right now..
it's like a dream..
A few years a go ..
I never imagine i will have people who give my fans a name..
I know there's people outside there support me but i don't know until when they will stay.
Because sometimes i have a low self-confident.
I think everyone ever feel that way sometimes.

Few years a go..
I never imagined someone i never know before calling out my name at stage..
I keep pray that someday my voice will be heard and they will realize that i exist.

Few years a go..
to be able in this stage is a dream for me..
Few years a go..
i only covering someone song..
Few years a go..
I never imagine that i can go to Japan..

But now..
To see someone calling out my name for the first time at stage..
It's make me tear up.
To be able where i stand right now.. There's always Happiness and Sadness.
But when you guys calling My name and You guys said that you like my song's.
It's make me realize there's nothing called nothing.

I means i always feel like my career is getting nowhere.
It was a lie if i said i never thinking about stop.
But when i'm at stage last week. I realized and it was hit my heart.( Which means good haha )
Thank you for making Realize and make me don't want to give up.
Thank you for calling my name at that time.
Thank you for always waiting for me..
Thank you for always trust me..
Thank you for everything..

I know i'm still not good enough..
and i'm not going satisfied with what i am right now..
so i can fly to the sky more higher than what i am right now..
so i can spread my wings to my highest dream..

I will cheers you guys as well to make your dreams come true..
No matter what people said , if you trust yourself.. i think soon you will be able to find your way to make it come true. 

Thank you .
i will treasure you guys a lot.
Because without you , maybe i will give up easily, 


Let's back ! After
P-Stage i go back to prepare at M-Stage !
For the final.
I will singing this songs with Hiro-san as well :)
Yesh hiroaki kato-san ! 

Awesome !
Final stage is awesome !
There's Hanabi everywhere.
And i can meet everyone here at the stage.
It's a challange for me to singing final song in here.
Lot of instrument become one..
But it's give a goosebumps as well.
Ennichisai this year, i'm so lucky i have an opportunity to take a part.
I'm lucky enough to be in the same stage with wonderful musician
wonderful people

I will treasure this memories a lot.
And thanks again for YOU my SPECIAL  !
who always trust in me.
always be there for me.

This is Miracle..
This is the power of LOVE you give me !
This is Miracle , Love you always give me make me stronger !
Thank you !

Let's start today with Smile
and END it with a BIG SMILE

Lot of Love,

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