Rabu, Mei 11, 2016

ENNICHISAI 2015 ~ Final Day ~ / ENNICHISAI 2016 ~ It's Power of LOVE ~

Hello Dreamers !
it's has been long time not update anything.
Blogspot can't be access in phone, if i can write it on phone it's so much easier to update.
So it's almost that season again. 
Yes ennichisai.
I don't know what i have to write anyway.
should i write something going on currently or something which is already past.
So lemme tell you my final day at ennichisai 2015 and what i currently prepare at ennichisai 2016 which will be held in this weekend.

So let's go back to last year, shall we ?

yeah ~
I've become World Cosplay Summit Character,
Wig is totally ruined when first i saw it.
I try my best to make it good.
It's not good but at least it's more acceptable

So in my 2nd day at ennichisai i spend only for direct selling , Judging World Karaoke Grandprix Indonesia regional , and singing 1 song .
I sang shirushi from LiSA
you know right i'm totally in love with this senpai.
I ever watch her Concert here in Indonesia.
When she come out, I'm Crying a lot and she always notice me and see me.
that's the best moment in my life.
but guess what ? when i see her to receive poster. I'VE BECOME SOOO COOL
lol. i pretend like nothing happened.
omg i feel like i'm so dumbfounded. 
okey, skip.

Here is my picture at Ennichisai 2015 with friends :)

Yeah 2nd day quite FUN !
at least i'm not only cosplaying.
But also singing and judging haha.

And now !
I prepare for Ennichisai 2016 !
Yep yep..
but sadly my voice is not come back yet..
i can't singing a lot..
i only wish miracle will come to me..
I still can't reach my high range vocal..
when you can't do something you always love it's really make me irritated.
Hmm ?
You want to know what happened with voice ?
How can i lost my voice ?
I will reveal soon in Next Update :)
Maybe tomorrow ? 

But now lemme tell you a BIG NEWS from me !
My 1st mini album will be release at Ennichisai !
And i will have direct selling !
you can check my website here !
There's karaoke and lyrics which is FREE TO DOWNLOAD !
So i wish you guys excited as i do.
well then~~~

Let's Start Today with SMILE
and end up with a BIG SMILE

Lot of Love,

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