Selasa, Desember 01, 2015

ENNICHISAI 2015 ! ~ 1st DAY ~

Hello Dreamers !
So this blog is about Ennichisai 1st day !
I met all of my friend from Nagoya this day .
And of course a NEW FRIEND TOO !
I'm so excited today , Since i never cosplay as character before. 
Well i did Ryuko Matoi at Ennichisai 2014 at that time i become a finalist WKG indonesia Region.
But now , i'm not finalist anymore.

So since the first day i become Nico from Love Live !
I never feel i'm cute or act cute ( since i'm not cute at all so maybe if i act cute everyone will feel sick haha ) , so today since i cosplay as Nico from Love Live i have to be CUTE , right ?

Yesh ! I feel different. I lack of Makeup skill , but i did my best to put my makeup.
Jakarta is really humid at this time , i really need to go shower soon after it finished.

I meet my nagoya friend's , Miu and Rio :)
Yesh, me and Rio planning about doing one project cosplaying since our last meet at Nagoya.
So here i am with Rio-san.

And i met a new friend too, Taeyeon Eonni ! <3
She is totally gorgeous !

And fellow cosplayer from Indonesia <3

I share my booth with Taeyeon-san and Rio-san
I sell my CD with a totally good price :)

Yesh , he is Sako Kouhei well as you know he is the one who make my song
Higher and Pray for you :)
He helped me a lot !
Really a lot !

Ah i forgot to take picture with Hanika-san , she is my designer for this few past year.
Since my image have to change, so i only have project together when it's all about cosplay now.
( She is the one who use Nozomi behind this picture )
Actually our project cosplay is more bigger than this, but since we didn't have a chance to meet each other we can't take a picture with all member.
So this 1st day is full of fun and sweat !
My CD is currently in half of amount.
Glad everyone buying my CD <3
Next .. 2nd Day of Ennichisai !
Full of Excitement !

Here is Bonus for you guys !

Let's Start Today with SMILE
and end up with a BIG SMILE
Lot of Love, YUMI

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